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Your Local Insulation Company

Did you know that if you make sure to have adequate insulation, you can lower your energy bills, protect your roof, and save energy? Guardian Roofs is your local insulation company that serves all of Orange county. Learn more about our money- and energy-saving insulation products and installation services below.

Think you’re saving money? Probably not.

Plenty of homeowners skimp on insulation because they think they’re saving money. But in the long run, the opposite is actually true. Having inadequate insulation can really cost you big. If your home lacks insulation, warm and cool air generated by your HVAC system will escape through the roof, so your HVAC system will have to work hard to maintain a uniform temperature in your home. If your HVAC system has to run more, you’ll end up with a higher utility bill than you would otherwise. Plus you’ll waste precious energy resources – which is never a good feeling.

If your home doesn’t have enough insulation, not only will you waste money and energy, but you could risk serious damage to your roof. When warm, moist air escapes your attic, the underside of your roof deck may become damaged, causing mold-related allergy and odor issues—and maybe even premature roof failure.

Plenty of insulation, no worries

But the solution to all these problems is right at hand. Adding insulation to your home is easy and affordable when you call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619. We’ll be happy to send one of our roof experts to your home to evaluate your current insulation and determine whether it has enough and whether it’s in god condition. Stop wondering about whether you have enough insulation and find out today by calling (714) 633-3619.

Your local insulation experts

We can handle all your insulation needs anywhere in Orange county, CA. Trust our expert work – we gladly provide high quality insulation and expert installation services for brand new buildings and older buildings that need their insulation replaced or upgraded.

Kinds of insulation

At Guardian Roofs, we offer both high quality fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Fiberglass is a popular choice because it’s affordable, versatile, plus fire- and water-resistant. Our AtticCat fiberglass insulation is especially effective because the blow-in installation process creates tons of tiny air pockets that improve the insulation power of this material. Cellulose is also an excellent choice, especially for those who are more eco-conscious. Cellulose is often made from recycled paper and plant resins that have been specially treated to improve this material’s insulating power. We carry GreenFiber cellulose insulation, which meets 4 important criteria for LEED certification.

Orange county insulation

If your property needs insulation, there’s only one company you can count on to do the job right. We only employ the most skilled and professional roofers who you can trust to provide you with honest recommendations and then install your insulation properly. We never leave a mess behind when our jobs are complete, and your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. Request a free insulation estimate today by calling (714) 633-3619.

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