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Why does my commercial roof need exterior coating?

Many commercial property owners don’t bother to purchase exterior coating for their commercial roofs. As a consequence, they often have to replace their roofs prematurely. There are two essential ways to prevent this from happening to you:

  1. Take care of all essential maintenance tasks promptly. Don’t neglect your commercial roof’s needs!
  2. Protect your roof with exterior coating.

Why exterior coating?

Exterior coating is essential for every commercial roof. It can add provides decades of continual usability to your roof. Exterior coating also gives your commercial roof an extra layer of protection from hail, wind, fire, UV rays, and more. It can even reflect solar heat, which will result in significant energy savings!

Cut down on future repair and upkeep costs by investing in exterior coating for your commercial roof today.

Why Guardian Roofs?

Guardian Roofs is the best roof company to handle all your roof needs in Southern California – including the installation of exterior coating on your commercial roof. We have an enormous variety of exterior coating products that are suitable for just about every type of roofing material. When we come to apply your exterior coating, there won’t be a single disruption to your business. There’s no need to stop productivity at all!

Call now for a free estimate

Call Guardian Roofs for a thorough evaluation of your commercial roof and tailored recommendations about which exterior coating would be best for yours. Exterior coating provides seamless, water-tight protection for your roof that will extend its life for many years to come. Every one of our roof projects, including the application of exterior coating, is backed with our written total satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Guardian Roofs by calling (714) 633-3619, emailing, or by using our online contact form here, and get a free estimate for your commercial roof exterior coating application now. We strive to respond to every customer communication within 24 hours.

Ask about our other roof services, too!

Guardian Roofs provides a complete range of roof services to all of Southern California. Our roofers have extensive experience working on all types of buildings including industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential ones. Your roofing needs will be completely taken care of the first time you call.

Roof services we offer:

  • New roof – We follow all federal and state roof codes, make sure your new roof looks fantastic, and ensure it will last for many years to come by using high quality materials and expert installation methods.
  • Reroof – When your roof comes to the end of its life, just call Guardian Roofs for complete reroofing service you can trust. You’re in good hands with Guardian Roofs.
  • Roofing repairs – Don’t put any necessary repairs off – simply call Guardian Roofs for immediate attention and ensure your roof continues to protect your property for many more years.
  • Insulation – Make your home more eco-friendly and reduce your energy bills by adding new insulation to your attic. We install both cellulose and fiberglass insulation.
  • Exterior coating – (see above)
  • Commercial roofs – Partner with Guardian Roofs and we’ll handle all your commercial roof’s installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

As you can see, Guardian Roofs can handle all your commercial roof needs!

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