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Ventura County Garage Door Services

Ventura county is part of Southern California, and it’s largest city is Oxnard. Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, Moorpark, and Ventura are all sought-after parts of Ventura county. Anacapa Island and San Nicolas Island are included in Ventura county, too. The original people who lived in Ventura county were the Chumash natives. Whether you live in the East County or West County, you should be proud to call Ventura county home.

If you’re a homeowner in Ventura county, you probably have a garage door or two. Whether that garage is a few decades old or just a couple of years old, it’s a good idea to find a garage door company you can really trust to handle your needs over the years. Guardian Roofs has been serving Ventura county for over 36 years, and we’ll be glad to meet all your garage door needs including maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Garage door maintenance services in Ventura county

Protect your garage door and prolong its service life with routine maintenance services from Guardian Roofs. When you sign up for routine maintenance services from Guardian Roofs, we’ll send one of our experienced technicians to your home to carefully evaluate the condition of your garage door, determine whether any problem areas are present, and repair your door right away, so larger, more expensive issues don’t arise. Sign up for garage door maintenance services for your home anywhere in Ventura county by calling (714) 633-3619 now.

Garage door repair services in Ventura county

Has your garage door stopped working perfectly? When you push the remote’s button, does it fail to rise or fall right away? Then call Guardian Roofs for impeccable garage door repair services. We can often accommodate requests for same-day service – just give us a call at (714) 633-3619 and we’ll send a technician to your home ASAP. Our technician will inspect your garage door, figure out the cause of the problem, and repair your door in no time.

Garage door replacement in Ventura county

Perhaps your garage door has reached the end of its service life, has become damaged because of time or a natural disaster, or perhaps you’re just ready to enhance the exterior view and value of your home. When the time comes to get your garage door replaced, just call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619. We’ll be happy to walk you through the decision-making process and make sure you’re totally thrilled with your choices. Whether you’d like one of our standard garage door styles or you’d like to totally customize your garage door to make it really stand out, we can make it happen.

When you replace your garage door, our professional installers will be glad to rehang your existing garage door opener so it works with your new door. Or you might decide to upgrade your garage door opener, too. We have plenty of high quality garage door openers that will meet your needs perfectly for many years to come.

For all your garage door needs in Ventura county, give Guardian Roofs a call at (714) 633-3619!

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