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Summer Roof Safety Tips

Your roof is one of the most dangerous areas of your home. That’s why you should use utmost caution whenever on or around your roof, and if you can, avoid going up there entirely. Safety must always be your top priority anytime you’re dealing with your roof because accidents can and do frequently happen. Protect yourself and others by closely following these summer roof safety tips from Orange county’s roof experts at Guardian Roofs.

Clean and neat

Make sure your roof is clean and neat before doing anything on your roof. Remove any branches or other debris carefully to ensure you won’t trip over it or slip on it.

Watch the weather

Never get on your roof when it’s wet or slippery – it’s just not worth the risk. If it’s extremely hot out, wait to get on your roof. During extreme temperatures, shingles may become damaged and they may not be able to seal or lie properly on your roof.

Watch your feet

Make sure you wear soft-soled, closed-toe shoes for optimum traction on your roof.

Safety first

Even if you only plan on going up to your roof every once in awhile, it’s worth investing in some quality safety equipment, such as a harness and ropes with a roof anchor onto the framing of the roof structure. Take advantage of toe boards and brackets that you can walk on for maximum safety.

Follow ladder safety protocol

Using a ladder safely isn’t as simple as you may think. There are many important rules you must follow at all times to protect yourself and anyone else around you.

  • Always maintain 3 points of contact on the ladder while climbing (two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand). Always face the ladder while climbing, keeping your weight near the center of the rungs.
  • Don’t use the top rung of a ladder as a step unless it was designed for that purpose.
  • Only use a ladder on stable and level surfaces unless it has been secured at the top or bottom to prevent displacement.
  • Make sure your ladder extends at least 3 feet above the point of support (gutters or eaves). Do not stand on any part of the ladder that extends beyond its support.
  • Do not exceed the ladder’s maximum load rating.
  • Make sure you don’t have to stretch or reach more than your arm’s length while standing on the ladder.
  • Never leave a ladder unattended.

It’s electric!

Anytime you are on your roof, it’s important for you to be aware of any power lines nearby. Make sure your ladder never touches a power line. Never use a metal ladder near power lines, because electricity can jump or “arc” to a metal object several feet away. Never tough hot wires with your hands or tools.

Call the roof experts

Avoid danger entirely by relying on Guardian Roofs for all your roof needs. Call (714) 633-3619 to request an appointment for a free estimate for your next project today!

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