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Exterior Coating

Exterior Coating

Extend the life of your commercial roof with quality exterior coating.

Did you know that most commercial property owners do not get the full value out of their roofing systems? Instead, they end up having to replace the roof prematurely. There are two important steps you need to take to avoid having this happen to you. First, be sure you get proper maintenance for your roof and never neglect your roof repairs. Secondly, protect your roof with exterior coating.

Benefits of Exterior Coating

At Guardian Roofs, we offer a variety of exterior coating products suitable for just about every type of roofing material. These coatings can typically be applied to your roof surface with no disruption to your business. They provide a seamless, water-tight layer of protection for your roof surface that can:

  • Add decades of life back to your roof
  • Protect against damage from hail, wind, fire, UV rays, etc.
  • Cut down on future repair and upkeep costs
  • Reflect solar heat for significant energy savings

You can rest assured our highly trained roofers will install your new exterior coating properly. We’re so confident in their abilities that every project is covered by our written total satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

While we can repair just about any major roof problem you may have, we’d much rather help you prevent major problems from developing in the first place. So if your roof is starting to show its age, don’t hesitate to call Guardian Roofs for help. We will be happy to evaluate your roof, advise you of the benefits exterior coating may offer in your specific case, and provide a free estimate for the service.

Please call (714) 633-3619 or use our online contact form to reach out to us, and we will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

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