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Selling Your Home This Summer? Make Sure Your Roof is in Great Shape!

If you are planning to sell your home it’s important to take some time to get it in great shape. That might mean painting a room that was bright pink a more neutral color or fixing a few missing pieces of siding. It also means addressing the major structural elements of your home like the basement, garage, and roof. Major issues can cause buyers to look the other way and completely avoid putting in an offer, even a low one. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your roof is in good shape when you list your house. Guardian Roofs can help!

Ensure there are no missing shingles.

It’s important to make sure that there are no bald spots on your roof. Take a few steps back or even head up there on a ladder and assess your roof before listing it for sale. Are there a lot of missing shingles? Are there peeling shingles? If so, that might be a sign that you need a new roof or a reroof.

Make sure there is no water or signs of water in the attic.

After checking the exterior or the roof you should also head up into the attic and check to see if there are any signs of water up there. This typically stems from an issue with your roof and an inspector is sure to catch it and raise the flag to a potential buyer. If you catch it and address the problem, you can present the proper documentation to the buyer to show that the issue was already tended to.

Sagging Beams?

If you have visibly sagging beams, that’s another sign that you might have an issue with your roof and water getting inside your home. Buyers often stray from homes with large, visible issues like that, so getting it fixed ahead of time can help your home sell faster.

Check the install date of the roof and what the typical lifespan is.

A roof is expensive so if you can tout the newness of your roof it can help your home sell. Check out what the install date of the roof was and then determine the typical lifespan is. Even a roof installed 10 years ago might have 20 years of life in it. This is something potential buyers will be happy to hear!

Does your roof need some work before you list it to sell? Contact Guardian Roofs today!

If you are planning to sell your house, it’s imperative to have the major issues addressed already. That means fixing the furnace, having everything decluttered and staged nicely, and ensuring major issues like the roof are in good working order. If your roof is in less than stellar condition, call the professionals at Guardian Roofs to help!

Since 1984, Guardian Roofs has been providing quality roofing services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. From minor roof repairs to entire reroofs, our experienced roofers can get the job done in a timely, quality, and affordable manner. Don’t let issues with your roof ruin a potential sale, bring in the experts at Guardian Roofs today! Call us at (714) 633-3619 to request a quote or service. We will be happy to help with your roof so that your house can truly shine on the market.

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