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Resolve to Take Care of Your Home (And Roof!) Better in 2018


The New Year has arrived, and with it many of us turn our thoughts to making 2018 better than 2017 was. Plenty of things are in our control, and the power is in our hands to make progress this year. Many of us set typical resolutions about diet changes and adding more steps to our busy lives. Some set personal goals about finally asking for that raise at work or connecting more frequently with friends and family. If you’re a homeowner, you may set your sights on paying off a significant portion of your mortgage or finally tackling that renovation project that’s been percolating in your mind for so long. There are so many goals you could have as a homeowner, but one that should be high on your list is to take great care of your home so it retains or perhaps increases in value.

The importance of your roof

Many people don’t realize it, but your home’s value largely depends on the quality and condition of its roof. So if you’re not sure how your roof is doing, we recommend scheduling an evaluation with Orange county’s roof experts at Guardian Roofs. We’ll be happy to send one of our roofers over to inspect your roof and check for any problem areas. If issues are detected, we can recommend excellent solutions and give you a free estimate for all recommended work.

Free written estimates

What’s especially great about working with Guardian Roofs for all your roof needs is that not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any size roof job, we also treat each client with courtesy and respect. We provide free written estimates for all projects, so you’ll know exactly what to respect. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about your roof project throughout the process.

Licensed and insured

Don’t trust “just anyone” with your roof needs. Guardian Roofs is a fully licensed and insured roof company that’s been serving Orange county for over 36 years. You won’t have to worry about liability, and we always conform our roof projects to all government regulations. Guardian Roofs is your go-to roof company.

A resolution that’ll pay off

Resolve to take better care of your home in 2018 with quality roof services from Guardian Roofs. This is one resolution you’ll be glad to keep! You’ll maintain the value of your home, and you might even increase it with proper roof care. Consider upgrading your roof to slate or concrete tiles for a fresh look and an increase in the value of your home. Guardian Roofs has installed all kinds of roofs throughout Orange county over the years, so you can be confident that you’ll be in good hands with us.

Happy New Year from all of us at Guardian Roofs! Resolve to get your roof inspected by our experts today.

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