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Pining for Solar Panels? First Call Guardian Roofs

Have you noticed that in many neighborhoods throughout Southern California and many parts of the US, solar panels are being installed on all kinds of homes? So many homeowners have done their research and have decided that they’re a worthwhile investment. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to have solar panels installed on your home for a long time, and it’s finally relatively affordable, or the idea is new to you, but you’d really like to lessen your carbon footprint in this way. Whatever your situation may be, before you call the solar panel installation company, it’s essential that you place a call to Guardian Roofs first.

Why do I need to call a roof company?

You may not be sure about whether calling a roof company is necessary before getting solar panels installed. Let us explain – your solar panels will have a service life of about 30 years. They’re relatively simple to install, so that’s not too big of a deal, as long as you make sure you pick a company that has plenty of experience and a good track record. But it would be so annoying and add unnecessary expense if, a couple years after your solar panels were installed, you find out that your roof has major damage and the solar panels will need to be removed and re-installed. It’s best to prevent this from occurring by calling Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619 before you even talk to the solar panel installation company.

Call (714) 633-3619 now

When you call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619, we’ll send one of our experienced roofers to your home to thoroughly inspect every inch of your roof to determine whether it has any problem areas such as missing shingles, structural damage, warped flashing, or anything else. If our expert roofer determines that your roof is in sound condition, he or she will inform you of that fact and you’ll be able to proceed with your solar panel installation worry-free. But if your roof requires any repairs, you can rely on Guardian Roofs for effective, efficient roof repair services of all kinds.

Roof repairs by Guardian Roofs

At Guardian Roofs, we have assembled a bunch of excellent roof crews to meet all your roof needs, big and small, anywhere in Southern California. Whether you have a ubiquitous composition tile (asphalt) roof or a more specialized concrete or clay tile roof, we have the expertise to make sure your roof gets in ideal condition ASAP so you can have solar panels installed very soon. Protect the value of your home and get ready to enhance its value with reliable roof repair services from Guardian Roofs.

As a family owned company that’s been in business for over 36 years, you can trust us to fulfill all your roof needs. Our integrity is our promise to you, and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Give us a call today at (714) 633-3619 to schedule your roof evaluation.

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