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Now Featuring: Surenail Technology from Owens Corning

Owens Corning is one of the most popular manufacturers of roof materials in the world. There are so many reasons we chose to use Owen Corning roof materials in our projects throughout Southern California. One Owens Corning product we frequently use on residential and commercial roofs is Surenail technology shingles. Find out more about Surenail technology from Owens Corning below.

All about Surenail technology

Patented Surenail technology is only available from Owen Corning – Guardian Roofs is an authorized distributor. Surenail technology is featured on the Duration Series shingles, which are available with limited lifetime warranties. Surenail technology consists of a woven-fabric nailing strip that’s embedded in the shingle to ensure the fastener zone is optimally strong and durable. It features Triple Layer Protection +, which means that it has a unique triple layer of reinforcement because the fabric overlays the two shingle layers (also known as the common bond area). All shingles are sealed with Owen Corning’s Tru-Bond sealant and the SureNail strip further enhances its tremendous grip.

Live in a high wind area? A roof Owen Corning shingles with Surenail technology will resist winds up to 130mph.

Ready to upgrade your roof?

We highly recommend shingles with Surenail technology from Owens Corning. Schedule your free consultation and estimate with a Guardian Roofs roof technician today. He or she will gladly come to your home, evaluate your current roof, provide you with expert recommendations, and guide you through the decision process so you’re able to confidently make decisions about your roof. Now is a great time to protect your home by upgrading your roof with Surenail technology. Begin your partnership with Guardian Roofs today to greatly enhance the value of your property with an impeccable new roof with Surenail technology. Call us at (714) 633-3619 to get started!

Here for all your roof needs

Perhaps you’re not ready to purchase a new roof, but you’re wondering how many years your roof has left before it starts to show major signs of wear-and-tear. We’d be happy to come out to your home to evaluate your roof. If we find that it needs to be repaired in any way, we’ll gladly give you a free estimate for all services without pressuring you.

As local friends and family if they’ve worked with Guardian Roofs, and if so, ask their opinion of us. The vast majority of our customers call us once and then never call another roof company again. We strive to meet and perhaps even exceed all our customers’ expectations so they’ll always call us anytime they need their roof serviced. That’s why we’ve built such a successful following over the past 36 years.

Try us out – simply request your free consultation and estimate – and we’re sure you’ll never call another roof company again. Give us a call at (714) 633-3619 and let us wow you today.

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