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New Roof Installation Process – What to Expect

If you are not sure what to expect when getting a new roof installed on your home, keep reading to learn more about the process!

    1. Finding Your Contractor

The first step in getting a new roof installed is to search for the right contractor. You shouldn’t hire the first person that you contact. Instead, you should do a bit of research and get at least two to three quotes to compare. Aside from price, also review a company’s reputation, how long they anticipate the work to take, and how far out they are scheduling. Also, be sure that a company offers a warranty on the work and is both licensed and insured.

    1. Days/Week Prior to Installation

Leading up to the installation, you will work with the contractor you chose to make all the final selections on the roof. This includes the roofing materials, any insulation, and other options. You may also see a dumpster arrive on site a few days prior to the work being done.

    1. New Roof Installation Process

During the new roof installation process, you should expect a bit of commotion and noise. The roofers will need to be on the roof ripping off the old roof and then have to nail in the new roof. If you have children or dogs that are sensitive to noise, you may want to find somewhere else for them to stay while the work is being done.

    1. After Your New Roof Installation

After your new roof is installed, there are a few things that you can expect. First, the site will be cleaned up and the dumpster—if it’s still on site—will be removed. A representative from the roofing company will come out to the house to do a general inspection and ensure that you are happy with the work before collecting the final payment. Be sure that you actually understand the warranty—if there is one offered—and take a good look at the work that has been done before signing off on the work. After that, all that’s left is to relax and enjoy your new roof!

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