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Lower Your Energy Bills and Protect Your Roof With High-Quality Insulation

You have likely heard all about insulation and know that you have it in your home, but do you know why it’s there and what the benefits are? If not,

What is the benefit of insulation?

There are many benefits to having insulation installed in your home. In fact, skimping on insulation in your attic can actually cost you a lot of money over time. First of all, without proper insulation, your heated or cooled air will leave you home, which increases your energy bill and forces your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the temperature that you specify. This might only be a few dollars a month, but that expense adds up over time.

Another issue that can arise if you don’t have the proper insulation in your attic, is that the moist air escaping through your attic can damage the wooden roof deck over time. This can create mold or allergy issues, and even premature roof failure. That’s why it’s best to ensure that you have the proper insulation in your attic.

Are there different types of insulation to choose from?

There are two types of insulation that you can choose from. Fiberglass is the first type of insulation. These include batts, boards, and loose fill. This is an affordable and versatile option that is resistant to both fire and water damage.

The other type of insulation is cellulose. This is a greener option for insulation as cellulose is made primarily from recycled paper and plant resins. These fibers are treated to ensure they are fire-resistant, and can often meet LEED certification criteria for energy efficiency.

Who can help install insulation in my home?

If you need insulation installed in your Orange or Los Angeles County home, Guardian Roofs can help. We have over 36 years of experience and employ only the best and most skilled professional roofers. We will never leave any sort of mess behind and you can rest assured that our work is protected by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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There are many benefits of installing insulation in your home, including improved energy efficiency and protecting your roof. If you want to reap the benefits of insulation, Guardian Roofs can help! We offer quality insulation installation services the rely on our 36 years of expertise. In addition, we can also assist with new roof installations, roof repairs, roof inspections, roof certifications, and more. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for your insulation installation, contact us today at (714) 633-3619!

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