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Los Alamitos, CA Roof and Insulation Services


No matter where you live and what kind of roof you have, at some point you’ll need high quality roof services. Many people don’t know this, but your roof is one of the most essential components of any building. It keeps out the elements, holds warm and cool energy generated by your HVAC system inside, and properly maintaining your roof also contributes to its aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s been a year, 5, or many years since you had your roof in Los Alamitos evaluated, now is the perfect time to request a roof inspection from the experts at Guardian Roofs. Rest assured that your roof will be in excellent hands with the experts at Guardian Roofs.

Roof repairs in Los Alamitos, CA

Protect your home by taking care of all your roof repairs promptly. You’ll not only be protecting the value of your home, but you’ll also prevent costlier repairs from becoming necessary by taking care of the minor problems whenever they arise. Common roof problems we often see in Los Alamitos and surrounding areas include:

  • Torn, lifted, or missing shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Leaks or other signs of water damage
  • Mold in the attic
  • Cracks in flat roofing
  • Buckled or sagging roof deck

Count on the expert roofers at Guardian Roofs for minor and major roof repairs. You can trust our meticulous roofers to make sure your roof looks and functions optimally every day.

Licensed roof contractor in Los Alamitos, CA

Plenty of residential and commercial property owners and managers trust Guardian Roofs for all their roof needs. Our expert crews have the knowledge and experience to correctly diagnose and fix all kinds of roofs, no matter how minor or severe the damage may be. As a licensed roof contractor serving Los Alamitos, CA, we provide accurate estimates, clearly written contracts, and premium roof services. Also you can rest assured that our respectful crew will always treat your property with respect, never leaving a mess behind when our work is complete. We carry our own insurance so you won’t have to be concerned about liability in the unlikely event that an accident occurs on your property during a roof project.

Quality materials for every roof project in Los Alamitos

Over the years, we have realized that some roof materials just don’t measure up to our standards. So we’ve assembled a list of high quality roof material brands that we rely on for all our projects. They have proven to be durable, strong, long-lasting, and attractive. These roof material brands include Boral Roofing, Eagle Roofing Products, and Owens Corning.

Insulation services in Los Alamitos, too

We also specialize in insulation sales and installation in Los Alamitos, CA. Call (714) 633-3619 to have your insulation evaluated by our experts. We have high quality fiberglass and cellulose insulation that’ll save you on your utility bills and increase the value of your home.

Call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619 for roof and insulation services in Los Alamitos, CA.

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