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Is Dad’s “Honey Do” list getting too long? Take roof maintenance off it and call Guardian Roofs

No, probably not.

If your Dad is like most Dads, he would probably just like a bit more time to do whatever he wants with. Perhaps he’d watch more baseball, or visit his grandkids more often, or go fish with his friends. Maybe he’d just sit on the porch and watch cars go by. Maybe he’d pick up a new skill or take a class at a local university.

The point is, he would be the one who decides how to fill that free time. Not his wife, not his kids, not his boss – just him.

Sounds luxurious, right? Maybe you could use some more unscheduled time, too.

But now that Father’s Day is around the corner, your thoughts naturally turn to how you could show your Dad you love him and perhaps improve his life in some way.


The dreaded Honey Do list

Now turn your thoughts to that long list that your Mom frequently adds items for him to do around the house. You know the one. Most couples have it, and it’s usually written by the woman to the man. Things like fix jammed garbage disposal, paint the basement, clean the gutters, check roof for debris and wear-and-tear, and more. That list is sometimes referred to as a “Honey Do” list, and for many men, it always seems to be expanding to take up more of the available free time.

So here’s a radical idea: why don’t you help Dad cross some items off his Honey Do list this Father’s Day? You could help him tackle a bunch of items in record time so he’ll be able to take some relaxation time without any worry of Mom’s wrath.

One excellent way to cross an important Honey Do list off Dad’s list is by calling Guardian Roofs to handle all his roof maintenance and repair needs. Now that’s a Father’s Day present he’ll be able to really use and appreciate.

Guardian Roofs is Southern California’s most reputable roof company. We expertly handle all roof maintenance, repair, and eventually, replacement needs. When you call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619, we’ll be happy to schedule a free appointment for one of our roof technicians to come evaluate your Dad’s roof, determine if it needs to be repaired in any way, and provide you a comprehensive, written estimate. Anytime your Dad’s roof needs to be serviced, you can count on our roof specialists to work effectively, respectfully, and efficiently. We have thousands of highly satisfied customers located throughout Southern California, and we’ll be so glad to help your Dad permanently cross roof maintenance and repair tasks off his Honey Do list.

Call us now at (714) 633-3619 to schedule your free roof evaluation by Southern California’s favorite roof company. Happy Father’s Day from everyone at Guardian Roofs.

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