A close-up view of a residential roof with architectural asphalt shingles that are buckled which can be signs of water damage and poor workmanship. The buckling of the shingles could be signs of the sheathing can be warping or delaminating from water penetration, which leads to a reroof.

How often does a roof need to be replaced?

If you’re a homeowner, especially if this is the first home you have owned, you may have a certain level of anxiety about necessary maintenance and repairs that you should be taking care of on a regular basis to maintain the condition and value of your home.

One essential element that’s worth protecting and preserving as much as possible is your home’s roof. But like all things in this life, roofs don’t last forever. It’s important to be aware of how often various roofs last so you can budget and plan for roof replacement and/or reroofing projects. Learn more about how often roofs need to be replaced in this blog by the experts at Guardian Roofs, and if you have any more questions or concerns about your specific roof, we invite you to give us a call at (714) 633-3619. We’d be happy to speak with you, evaluate the current condition of your roof, and if it needs to be repaired, reroofed, or replaced, we can give you a comprehensive estimate.

Schedule a roof inspection

If you have any doubt about whether your roof needs to be reroofed or replaced, don’t hesitate to schedule a roof inspection with the experts at Guardian Roofs. We’ll check for many common problems such as sagging in the roof deck, leaking and other water damage, dark spots, visible holes, missing shingles, mold, rot, or excess moisture, and so much more. If any of these problems are present, or a combination of them are found, we will probably recommend reroofing or roof replacement. We’ll discuss the options with you so you can make a well-informed condition and give you a custom estimate for your particular roof.

Roof lifespans

The lifespan of a roof depends largely on the material it is made of and whether it has been maintained properly. The most common type of roof, made with composition shingles (asphalt) is about 15-30 years. Wood shingles will last about 20-25 years, a metal roof will last anywhere from 30-50 years, and concrete and clay tiles will last for anywhere between 50-100 years. Natural slate roofs will last from between 50-100 years.

Not sure which roof material would be best for your new roof?

There are so many roof materials to choose from that it can be hard to weigh all the pros and cons by yourself. There’s no need to endlessly search the internet for information and reviews – just rely on the roof experts at Guardian Roofs. We would be happy to sit down with you to talk about all the different roof options, listen to your priorities in terms of longevity and cost, and recommend ideal roof options. You’ll be able to make well-informed choices with maximum confidence without feeling pressured at all.

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