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Hemet, CA – Commercial and Residential Roof Services

Hemet, CA, was formerly a hub for the cultivation of citrus fruits, apricots, olives, and walnuts, since it’s part of the fertile San Jacinto Valley. Now, it’s much more of a residential community because it has many affordable properties that draw many families. Whether you have five children or none at all, the last thing you want to do is overpay for roof services. The good thing is that Guardian Roofs has been a trusted provider of high quality, affordable roof services for commercial and residential properties for over 36 years. Rest assured that your Hemet, CA, property will be in excellent hands with the expert roofers at Guardian Roofs.

You’re a top priority

One aspect of Guardian Roofs that really sets it apart from most roof companies that serve Orange county is that every single person who calls requesting service for their roof is treated as a top priority. No matter how big or small your roof needs may be, or how complicated or simple your project is, you can count on Guardian Roofs to spring into action as soon as you call to request service. Rest assured that we always provide free, accurate estimates for all roof projects in Hemet and all of Orange county. Your project will be complete with efficiency and close attention to detail by our knowledgeable roofers, and we’ll always treat your property with respect, never leaving a mess behind when the work is complete. Every single roof project is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, which is explained in writing as part of your contract. Our workmanship is absolutely unparalleled, so very few people take advantage of this guarantee, but it still provides peace of mind knowing that you chose the best roof company serving Hemet, CA.

Experience with all kinds of roofs in Hemet, CA

We can service any kind of commercial or residential property roof including:

  • Clay tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate tiles
  • Wood shakes
  • Hot mop roofs
  • Single-ply roofs

Our roofers have seen and effectively repaired all kinds of roof problems. Frequent roof issues we take care of in Hemet and surrounding areas include:

  • Torn, lifted, or missing shingles
  • Leaks of any size
  • Damaged flushing
  • Sagging gutters
  • Wet attic insulation
  • Cracks in flat commercial roofing
  • Buckled or sagging roof deck

Roof replacement in Hemet, CA

Perhaps your roof has simply reached the end of its service life, or has become so damaged that you’re better of replacing it. Whatever your situation may be, you can count on Guardian Roofs for solid reroofing and roof replacement services. Not sure if your roof should be repaired or replaced? Let us take a look! We’ll provide a thorough evaluation of your roof and give you expert recommendations so you can make a well-informed decision about your roof.

Ready to get started?

Get your free, no-obligation estimate from Guardian Roofs by calling (714) 633-3619 today.

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