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Going Away for the Holidays? Make sure Your Roof is in Excellent Condition First


There’s no place like home for a holidays – or is there? Lots of people travel to visit family and friends or to simply get away from their normal routine during the holidays. Many people get plenty of vacation days between Christmas and New Year’s, so why not take advantage of them? Simply buy that plane ticket or pack up the car, and get going!

But first, make sure your home will be taken care of while you’re away.

Talk with a neighbor about coming into order your plants and collect the mail every few days or perhaps once a week. Wash the dishes so you won’t have a nasty mess waiting for you when you get home, and finish up running all your laundry cycles so you can come home to clean clothes.

And don’t forget to have all your home maintenance needs taken care of before you go, too. Take a few minutes to run the vacuum real quick, and clean and sanitize your bathroom so you won’t have to worry about doing that when you get home. Your future self will be so glad you took care of these tasks before you set off on your carefree adventure.

How is your roof?

Another important task that you should definitely check off your list before you head off for holiday fun is making sure your roof is in ideal condition. It would be such a nightmare to come home after a week or more of vacation and realize that your roof has been leaking the whole time you were away. The resulting mildew and structural damage to your roof could be tremendous – plus is not exactly what you want to have to deal with after the holiday season, right?

Avoid a roof disaster

Prevent having to deal with a roof emergency when you get back from holiday travel by calling Guardian Roofs today. We’re Southern California’s roof experts, and we’ll be happy to send one of our highly qualified technicians out to evaluate your roof before your holiday travels. Our technician has plenty of experience with all styles and types of roofs, so your roof will definitely be in good hands with Guardian Roofs.

Free estimates

The roof technician will give you a full report of the condition of your roof, including any problem areas that have been identified. Then he or she will come up with a plan to remediate any issues that need to be addressed so you can head off to have some fun without a single lingering worry about your roof.

Homes are incredibly expensive. Protect your investment by making sure your roof is always in ideal condition when you partner with Guardian Roofs. Roof inspections and estimates are always free, so schedule yours now by calling (714) 633-3619. We look forward to meeting all your roof maintenance and repair needs this holiday season and for many years to come.

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