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Get Ready for the Rainy Season with Guardian Roofs

Is your home ready for some deluges? The rainy season is just around the corner, so it’s important to get prepared now. You definitely don’t want to discover a major leak on your roof at 11pm on a Monday night. Prevent disaster by calling Orange county’s roof experts at Guardian Roofs for a thorough roof evaluation. We’ll take care of any necessary roof repairs now so you won’t have to stress out about the condition of your roof down the line.

Don’t wait – schedule your roof evaluation today

The sooner you take care of any roof issue, the easier and cheaper it will be. If it’s been a year or more since your roof was inspected, we highly recommend scheduling a roof evaluation with Guardian Roofs at your earliest convenience. We’ll check to see if any of your shingles are torn, lifted, or missing, plus inspect your flashing for any signs of damage. Every inch of your roof will be checked for leaks or other signed of water damage. If your roof is flat, we’ll check for cracks. We’ll also inspect your roof deck to see if it’s buckled or sagging in any way, and we’ll even take a look at your attic to see if there’s any mold there, which can indicate roof problems. We’ll provide you with a thorough report of our findings and recommendations to restore your roof to optimal condition. We’ll also provide you with a free estimate for all recommended repairs. You can count on it to be an accurate estimate of all expected costs, and you can trust that our recommendations are based on over 36 years in the roof business here in Orange county. There’s nothing our expert technicians haven’t seen before when it comes to residential and commercial roofs.

Roof professionals

When it comes to your roof, you definitely can’t afford to mess around. Hire Guardian Roofs, an experienced, fully licensed and insured roof contractor. Our technicians have the skills, manpower, and experience needed to effectively diagnose and repair all kinds of roof problems. No matter what type of roof you have and how severely damaged it may be, our roofers can handle all your roof repair needs. Plus you can rest assured that our crews will treat you with utmost respect and never leave a mess on your property when the work is complete.

Guardian Roofs – where you matter

We’re not like some other roof contractors who take days and days to respond to client calls. We make every effort to answer client calls within 24 hours. When you speak with any member of the Guardian Roofs team, you’ll realize that you’re a top priority, no matter how big or small your roof project may be. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not totally satisfied with the repair we provide, we’ll come back to your property and make it right.

Get started now! Call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619 today.

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