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Get Ready for Scorching Heat – Get Your Roof Inspected

The rainy season is just barely in our rearview mirror, and already temperatures are climbing high here in Southern California. Whew! Stock up on ice packs and don’t forget to grab your water bottle before you leave the house – and don’t even think about leaving your dog in the hot car while you do grocery shopping. Yes, the Southern California heat is already on full-force, but what can you do? Stay hydrated and generously apply sunscreen. If you feel yourself overheating, head indoors for awhile to enjoy the air conditioning.

But what about your home? Our intense heat can really play a number on our homes – not to mention our utility bills! As the temperatures climb into the 90s and sometimes even higher, our HVAC system often struggles to keep up, working overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home. This can result in shockingly high utility bills that can make even the most calm, centered person start stressing out. But what can you do?

Sauna-style home?

Sure, you could turn the temperature up and start trying to embrace the sweatiness 24/7, but that may just make you miserable and cranky. Or, there’s another solution you may not have thought of – get your roof checked.

Many homeowners have damaged roofs that lack proper insulation, so the cool air generated by your HVAC system leaks out every single second. The cool air leaks out of your roof, sending your utility bills sky-high as your HVAC system works double time to cool down your home as temperatures climb. But there is a much better way!

You’re in good hands with Guardian Roofs

Call the roof experts at Guardian Roofs. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at a date and time that’s most convenient for your busy schedule when you call us at (714) 633-3619. Our expert roofers will meticulously inspect your roof to look for any signs of wear-and-tear and other damage. Then we’ll present our findings to you, and if repairs are recommended, we’ll give you a free estimate for all services.

You matter when you call Guardian Roofs

Guardian Roofs has been serving Orange County, California for over 36 years, and we’d be happy to handle all your roof inspection and repair needs anytime. Our roofers have a wealth of experience and we only utilize high quality materials in each project – big, small, or in-between. When you call (714) 633-3619, you’ll realize right away that you have our full attention. We value each person who calls us for assistance with their roof, so we’ll work with you to make sure your roof is in ideal condition.

Make your home eco-friendlier and save serious $$$ on your utility bills when you enlist the roof experts at Guardian Roofs today. We’re Orange County’s favorite roof company, and we have been for over 36 years. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection and free estimate.

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