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Expecting a New Baby? Get Your Roof Repair or Replacement Taken Care of First

Anyone who has ever spent any time with a newborn knows that there’s a lot more to caring for one than meets the eye. Newborn infants up to 4-5 months often sleep for the majority of the day, but somehow many of them seem to wake up every hour or two at night. That kind of sleep schedule can have the most centered, calm person about ready to pull their hair out. Just ask anyone who has ever cared for a newborn 24/7—it’s positively exhausting. If there’s anything you can do now, before baby arrives, to make your life easier in the future, do it—your future self will be so grateful you did!

Complimentary advice from Guardian Roofs

The last thing you want to have to deal with when caring for a newborn is major home improvement projects. Whether it’s renovating, replacing insulation or windows, or even smaller projects like replacing a washer or dryer, it can take a herculean effort to make progress—much less complete—these kinds of major projects.

Before baby’s due date, we at Guardian Roofs recommend getting all home improvement projects taken care of, including roof repairs and replacement. It will just make your life so much easier down the line—trust us, we know what we’re talking about!

Orange’s most trusted roof company

What’s great about calling Guardian Roofs for your roof repair or replacement is that we have been Orange county’s most trusted roof company for over 36 years, so you know we’ll do the job right. When you call (714) 633-3619 to schedule an appointment, we’ll come to your property, evaluate your roof, and give you a comprehensive, in-writing estimate for all recommended roof services.

No pushy salesmen

When we give you the estimate, we’ll give you time and space to think it over and consider other options. We’re confident in the high-caliber roof services we provide, as well as our stellar reputation, so we have no need for pushy sales tactics or any of that nonsense. When you’re ready, please call us to schedule your roof service, and we’ll be so glad to find an appointment that conveniently works for your schedule.

Contact us today

Call Guardian Roofs today at (714) 633-3619 to receive your free, no-obligation roof services estimate. We look forward to having another wonderful, happy customer in the Orange, California area—YOU!

Congratulation on your precious little one from all of us at Guardian Roofs.

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