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Energy Bills Too High? Protect Your Home with High Quality Insulation from Guardian Roofs


Are you heating and cooling costs starting to pile up? Do you always sigh when you open your utility bills? Know that you’re not alone – plenty of people have energy bills that are just too high. You don’t have to continue to just put up with it, though – there’s something you can do today to reduce your energy costs. Imagine opening up your utility bills next month to find that they’ve been drastically reduced.

But how? You may be wondering.

With high quality insulation from Guardian Roofs.

Many homes throughout Orange county and the entire United States lack adequate high quality insulation. Skimping on insulation, or simply not updating it for decades, can send your utility bills sky-high. The problem arises because without adequate insulation, warm and cool air generated by your HVAC system escapes through your roof. So your HVAC system has to work harder and more frequently to maintain the ideal temperature in your home, sending your utility bills through the roof (pun intended).

It’s possible that as warm, moist air escapes through your attic, the underside of your wooden roof deck could become damaged, causing mold-related allergy and odor issues – and maybe even premature roof failure. Yikes! Having to replace your roof early is probably not what you wanted to do with your hard-earned money.

Investing in insulation

Lower your utility bills and make sure your roof stays in ideal condition by protecting your home with high quality insulation from Guardian Roofs. It’s an investment for your home that’s always wise. Adding insulation to your home is easy and affordable when you rely on Guardian Roofs. Simply give us a call at (714) 633-3619 and we’ll be glad to schedule an energy evaluation of your home to determine any problem areas and prescribe solutions. You won’t have to worry about extremely high utility bills or moisture damage wrecking havoc on your allergies and the integrity of your roof when you make sure your home is protected with insulation from Guardian Roofs.

Our insulation options for homeowners

We only sell and install high quality insulation from top manufacturers, AttiCat Expanding Blow-In Insulation and GreenGiber. What’s cool about AtticCat Expanding Blow-In Insulation is that during the blow-in process, tons of tiny air pockets are created to improve the insulation power of the fiberglass insulation. GreenFiber insulation is made of cellulose that’s more eco-friendly because it’s made from recycled paper and plant resins that have been specially treated to be fire-resistant and insulate effectively.

Your insulation experts

Plenty of people only think of our impeccable roofing services, but our insulation services are just as good. We only employed the most skilled, responsible people to help you select the right insulation for your needs and specific property and install it perfectly so you’ll be able to enjoy many years of lower utility bills. All of our work is protected by our complete satisfaction guarantee. Get started today by calling (714) 633-3619.

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