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Don’t Risk a Fall – Let Guardian Roofs handle all your Roofing Needs

Falling off a roof can seriously harm you – it might even kill you. Many homeowners casually get on their roofs to check for damage after a storm or to simply check their roof for signs of wear and tear, but that’s not a good idea.

Your roof could be considered the most dangerous part of your home. Even if you have a no-slip roof, there are still serious risks of falling, particularly if your roof has any water or debris on it. If you have any health conditions, walking on a roof is even more dangerous than it would be normally.

Don’t risk a fall – enlist the roof experts at Guardian Roofs for all your roofing needs instead.

When you call Guardian Roofs at (714) 633-3619, one of our highly-trained roof experts will come out to your home to evaluate the condition of your roof. If anything needs to be repaired, he or she will gladly give you a free estimate and discuss all possible solutions with you. You can count on the recommendations from Guardian Roofs because they’re based on many years of solid experience and industry knowledge. Our motto is, “Our integrity is our promise,” so you can rest assured that our roofers will be honest and straightforward.

That’s a main reason why so many homeowners and business owners throughout Southern California rely solely on Guardian Roofs for all their roof needs. We can handle any and all roof projects including:

  • New roof construction – we meticulously make sure your new roof complies with all relevant codes and design requirements so be able to depend on your new roof for many years
  • Reroof – is your roof’s service life almost done? Call Guardian Roofs for expert reroofing services to provide you with lasting protection.
  • Roofing repairs – your safety and the integrity of your roof are linked. Contact us for all your roofing repair needs and we’ll work efficiently to bring your roof back to optimal condition ASAP.
  • Roof certification – count on us to provide detailed roof inspections and reliable roof certifications for buyers and lenders.
  • Insulation – we’re well-known for our roof skills, but we also offer quality insulation services. Lower your utility bills and and save energy when Guardian Roofs installs new insulation to your attic.
  • Exterior coating – commercial roofs last much longer and require fewer repairs when Guardian Roofs applies exterior coating to them.
  • Commercial roofs – partner with Guardian Roofs for all your commercial roof needs. Our technicians are intimately familiar with all sizes, pitches, and types of commercial roofs, including hot mop and built up roofs.

You’re in great hands with Guardian Roofs!

Wondering about the condition of your residential or commercial roof? Don’t climb up there – let the experts at Guardian Roofs handle it. Call us at (714) 633-3619 to schedule your free consultation and estimate now. There’s no reason to risk a serious fall when you can just call Guardian Roofs right now to get the information you need about the condition of your roof.

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