Photo of a cellulose wool insulation that has been blown to walls and floor.

Does your Attic Have Adequate Insulation?


Are your sure that your home has enough insulation in its attic? Many homeowners have no idea whether their homes contain enough insulation to protect their home from energy bills and preserve the integrity of your roof.

Why insulation matters

Skimping on insulation can cost you serious $$$ every month and in long-term extra expenses. If your attic lacks insulation, the heated or cooled air will be able to escape from the roof, and as a result, your energy bills will skyrocket as your HVAC system works super hard to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. There will also be warmer and cooler spots in your home as your HVAC system struggles to keep up. But when you invest in plenty of high-quality insulation from Guardian Roofs, your HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to maintain uniform, totally comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Your utility bills will immediately lower after you have adequate insulation installed in your attic.

Another major problem can develop if your attic lacks sufficient insulation – as warm, moist air escapes through your attic, the underside of the wooden roof deck may become damaged, causing mold-related allergy and odor issues, and perhaps even premature roof failure. That’s certainly one costly mistake. Make sure your attic has enough insulation to provide serious hassles down the road.

How can you find out whether your attic has enough insulation?

Many attics in homes throughout Orange county lack sufficient insulation. Or if it has enough insulation, sometimes it’s old insulation that has become damaged over the years. Find out whether your property contains adequate insulation and what’s condition it’s in by calling Orange county’s insulation experts at Guardian Roofs – at (714) 633-3619. We’ll be happy to send one of our insulation experts over to evaluate your current insulation and provide recommendations. We want you to be able to stop worrying about high energy bills and moisture damage – call us at (714) 633-3619 for an evaluation of your insulation today. We’ll be happy to replace or upgrade your insulation to give you serious peace of mind.

Insulation options

Guardian Roofs only sells high quality insulation from trusted manufacturers. We sell both fiberglass and cellulose insulation.

Fiberglass insulation is a popular choice. We sell batts, boards, and loose fill made of fiberglass. It’s affordable and versatile, plus it’s highly resistant to fire and water damage. AttiCat Expanding Blow-In Insulation is an excellent choice because the blow-in process creates tons of tiny air pockets that take the insulating power of this fiberglass material to a whole new level.

Cellulose insulation is also highly recommended, especially because it’s a greener alternative to fiberglass insulation. It’s most often made from recycled paper and plant resins that have been specially treated to become fire-resistant and to improve the materia’s insulating power. GreenFiber, the cellulose insulation brand we proudly offer, meets 4 important criteria for LEED certification.

Request a free insulation evaluation and estimate from the experts at Guardian Roofs by calling (714) 633-3619.

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