Fragment of the roof of a commercial building with an external unit of the commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Do You Know What to Look for When Doing an Inspection of Your Commercial Roof?

The roof of your commercial facility is an important piece of the structure. Many people think “out of sight out of mind” when it comes to maintenance, but your roof needs to inspected regularly to check for any issues. Not sure what you should be looking for? Here is a list of what to inspect during a commercial roof inspection and what you should be looking for:

    1. Gutters and Drains

One of the most important areas to look at is your drains and gutters. Keep an eye out for any debris, dirt or leaves that are blocking the drains. A blocked drain will prevent water from leaving the roof and that backup can cause damage to your roof over time. You should also examine the seals around your drains and gutters to make sure that the water is going into it and not around it.

    1. Rooftop Units and Building Penetrations

You should also examine any rooftop units and building penetrations. Any area where something penetrates your roof should be sealed very well to prevent water from leaking into the building.

    1. Flashings, Expansion Joints, Roof Edges

Your flashings, expansion joints, and roof edges should also be examined during the commercial roof inspection. Check for splits or cracks at the edge of your roof and examine expansion joints to ensure that are performing as they should. Masonry walls should also be inspected to ensure there is no water penetration or deterioration.

    1. Review Previous Repairs

Another thing to check out when you do a commercial roof inspection is your previous repairs. Not all roofing contractors are created equal so it’s important to ensure that any past repairs are holding up to the test of time.

    1. Check the Quality of the Roofing Surface

The roofing surface is also something to examine when you’re doing a commercial roof inspection. Check for physical damage that might have occurred due to tools, heavy objects, excessive foot traffic, or even severe weather like hail. If you notice any issues with your roof surface, call a roofing contractor right away.

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