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Do You Know the Issues That Can Be Caused By a Leak in Your Commercial Roof?

Do you have a leak in your commercial roof? Are you thinking that just putting a bucket underneath to catch the drips is adequate for the time being? If that’s the case, you are putting your building, your employees, and your overall business at risk. There are many hazards caused by a leaking roof so it is important to get it fixed right away.

Still aren’t convinced? Here are four issues that can be caused by a leak in your commercial roof:

    1. Mold Growth  

When your roof begins to leak, the water will leach in through the roofline and will start to soak into the interior elements. This will cause mold growth very quickly as mold only needs moisture, heat, and a food source to start growing. Drywall and carpeting are common food sources for mold, so you can understand why this quickly becomes an issue. Mold is not only costly to remediate but can also cause serious health issues.

    1. Rotting Wood

As moisture soaks into the wooden support beams of your structure, those structures are weakened. This doesn’t take long to create a dangerous situation. From a sagging roofline that is extremely expensive to repair to a complete collapse of your commercial roof, their effects can be devastating.

    1. Compromised Insulation

A leak in your roof can also lead to insulation becoming waterlogged. For buildings insulated with fiberglass, this is a major issue. That’s because fiberglass insulation using air pockets to create a heat barrier, but when wet, it becomes heavy and dense. This reduces the insulating properties and can also add significant weight to your roof.

    1. Electrical Hazards

Last, but certainly not least, a leaking roof can create electrical hazards. Anytime water and electricity come into contact with each other, a potentially dangerous situation is created. This can lead to injury or even fires.

If you have a leaking roof at your commercial facility, contact Guardian Roofs today for assistance!

If you have a leak in your commercial roof, it is essential to get it fixed immediately. Not only can ignoring a leak lead to more costly and lengthy repairs, but it can also cause dangerous hazards. Electrical fires, mold growth and more can all stem from ignoring a leak in your roof. Instead, call in the experts at Guardian Roofs for assistance! We’ll be happy to visit your facility and quickly fix your roof in order to make your facility safe again. With over 36 years of service in the professional roofing industry, you can trust us to get the job done in a timely, quality, and affordable manner. Contact us today at (714) 633-3619 to request our professional roofing services!

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