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Do solar panels mess up your roof?

Have you been thinking about getting solar panels installed on your roof? Before you get excited and start calling solar panel companies, it’s super important to make sure your roof is ready to handle it. Learn more about the potential dangers of getting solar panels installed in this informative blog from Guardian Roofs.

Could solar panels damage your roof?

Most likely, they won’t – but only if you choose a trusted, reputable solar panel company that’ll take care of installing your solar panels carefully. Properly installed solar panels will last for 30-35 years, so it’s worth investing in high quality solar panels and ensuring they’re installed using the best possible methods. Experienced, knowledgeable solar panel installation companies will diligently take precautions to protect your roof to prevent leaks and other damage from happening. For your peace of mind, you can ask the solar panels company representative what measures are taken to protect your roof and make sure they give you solid answers. You can also inquire about whether damage to your roof is covered by the company’s workmanship warranty in the unlikely event that damage occurs during the installation process. But as long as you research the solar panel company properly and choose wisely, you should be totally okay to get solar panels installed without a hitch.

What you should be careful about

When deciding to get solar panels installed, there is one aspect of it that you should definitely be aware of and make sure you take care of properly. Make sure your roof is in ideal shape before you get solar panels installed. As previously mentioned, solar panels typically last for decades – around 3+! So if your roof requires any major maintenance during that time period, the solar panels will have to be removed and reinstalled. Save yourself the time, hassle, and money of having to deal with this and just make sure your roof is optimal condition before the solar panels are installed. You’ll be so glad you did!

We are here to answer your roof & solar panel questions

We at Guardian Roofs frequently receive questions about having solar panels installed on roofs throughout Southern California. If you’re considering having this eco-friendly energy source added to your home, we commend you! We’d be happy to schedule a full inspection of your roof and take care of any repair needs that may arise before you take the solar panels plunge. You can always count on our expert advice, recommendations, and workmanship.

Choosing Guardian Roofs

When you choose Guardian Roofs for all your roof needs, you’ll be able to rest assured that we have expert roof crews, plus your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed in writing. We only use high quality materials from top manufacturers like Boral Roofing, Eagle Roofing Products, and Owens Corning. We serve the following Southern California counties: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange. Call us today at (714) 633-3619.

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