Roof in need of repair. The asphalt shingles are badly worn and should be replaced.

Do I Need a Roof Repair? Six Questions to Ask Yourself.

Are you wondering if you need a roof repair? If so, here are six questions to ask yourself:


    1. Do I see curled, cracked or shingles missing?

If you shingles are damaged—curled, cracked, broken—or missing entirely—you probably need to have your roof repaired. You might need an entire re-roof, but a roof repair might last for a bit before it gets to that point.

    1. Are there signs of water in my attic?

When you go up to your roof to give it a cursory inspection every few months—yes, you SHOULD go up in the attic at least every few months to check it out—do you notice signs of water? Is the insulation wet? Is there water stains on the ceiling? Do you see a puddle of water somewhere? These are things to look out for and could be signs that your roof needs to be repaired.

    1.  Is there peeling paint along my roofline?

Your roof should be well-ventilated to keep humidity buildup near the roofline. If you are seeing peeling or blistering paint near your roofline, you might need a roof repair to ensure that your roof is well ventilated.

    1.  Do I see shingles on my lawn or in my gutter?

Shingles or your lawn or in your gutter are shingles that aren’t on your roof. Any shingles that aren’t on your roof leave weak, vulnerable spots on your roof where water can get in. If you’re noticing shingles or pieces of shingles anywhere but on your roof, call a roofing specialist immediately.

    1. Are my rafters sagging?

When you go up in your attic, do you notice that the rafters are sagging? By itself, that is a structural problem, but you also have to consider what made them sag in the first place, which is water getting through the roof and damaging them. Sagging rafters are a sign that you need a roof repair.

    1.  Are there signs of water damage on my ceilings or walls?

If you see signs of water damage on your ceilings or walls you need to act right away. What that means is that water has penetrated your roof, worked its way through insulation, and soaked through the drywall and that is not good! For water damage on walls and ceilings, it is imperative to call a roofing professional right away!

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