$500 off a complete reroof
Expires on July 31, 2020

Lake Forest CA

Both of the features that give the pleasant suburban city of Lake Forest CA its name are manmade. First, you have the two manmade lakes, which serve as focal points for the communities of condos and custom houses surrounding them. Then, you have the forest, which is actually the remains of a eucalyptus grove planted as part of a lumber operation back in the early 1900s. Lake Forest CA’s early development was spurred on by its proximity to Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, but fortunately by the 1990s its economy was diversified and Lake Forest CA was able to weather the closing of the base. If you own a residential or commercial property in Lake Forest CA, you can rely on Guardian Roofs for all your roofing needs. We handle everything from new roof construction to reroofs, repairs, and roof certifications. We can even help with insulation. As a licensed and insured company, all of our services are competitively priced and backed by a quality satisfaction guarantee.

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