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Roof Repair Services in Westminster, CA

Roof Repair Services in Westminster, CA

Did you know that Westminster, CA, was founded back in 1870 as a temperance colony by a Presbyterian minister? That’s right – he named the city after the Westminster Assembly, an event that occurred in 1643 that set out the main principles of the church. Westminster’s official motto is, “a city of progress built on […]

Got a Built-Up Roof in San Bernardino county? Call Guardian Roofs

A built-up roof is also called BUR, and it’s the most common roof material used for low-slope roofs. It’s made up of various layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen (asphalt) with a top layer of aggregate, which is often stone or gravel. BUR is ideal for low-slope roofs because it has a continuous sealed surface. […]

Your Composition Roof in San Bernardino county will be in good hands with Guardian Roofs

Do you have a composition roof in San Bernardino county? Another name for composition roofs are asphalt roofs, and as the US’ most popular roof material, it’s likely you have one. Homeowners throughout San Bernardino county have relied on for all kinds of roof services including maintenance, repairs, reroofing, and repair services. No matter what […]

We specialize in tile roof repairs, maintenance, and installations in San Bernardino county

Do you have a tile roof? Do you live in San Bernardino county? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then sooner or later, you’ll need to find a roof company you can trust to meet all your tile roof’s needs. No matter how high quality your tile roof may be, at some point, it […]

Pining for Solar Panels? First Call Guardian Roofs

Have you noticed that in many neighborhoods throughout Southern California and many parts of the US, solar panels are being installed on all kinds of homes? So many homeowners have done their research and have decided that they’re a worthwhile investment. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to have solar panels installed on your home for a […]

Ventura County Garage Door Services

Ventura county is part of Southern California, and it’s largest city is Oxnard. Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, Moorpark, and Ventura are all sought-after parts of Ventura county. Anacapa Island and San Nicolas Island are included in Ventura county, too. The original people who lived in Ventura county were the Chumash natives. Whether you […]

Do solar panels mess up your roof?

Have you been thinking about getting solar panels installed on your roof? Before you get excited and start calling solar panel companies, it’s super important to make sure your roof is ready to handle it. Learn more about the potential dangers of getting solar panels installed in this informative blog from . Could solar panels […]

Up your Eco-Conscious Game with Solar Panels – but Contact Guardian Roofs First

This year, are you committed to lessening your carbon footprint? So many of us would like to make our lives more environmentally-friendly. Lessening our consumption of single use plastics, recycling more, and purchasing used clothes instead of new are all worthwhile ways to up one’s eco-conscious game. Another way is by adding solar panels to […]

What are the risks involved in getting solar panels?

Solar panels continue to gain popularity throughout Southern California and the US in general. Have you thinking about having solar panels installed on your home? For many homeowners, they make a wise investment because of the energy bill savings they provide and because they increase the value of your home. We at have received many […]

Thinking about Getting Solar Panels? Call Guardian Roofs First

Solar panels are an excellent way to enhance the eco-friendliness of your home while making it more appealing to potential buyers down the line. So many Southern Californians are looking for ways to upgrade the green cred of their homes, and solar panels are an ideal way to do this. While they do represent a […]

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