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5 Surprising Benefits of a Metal Roof

Learn why a new metal roof may be the best option for your home.

Metal roofs have been exploding in popularity recently. These 5 benefits will explain why.

Long Life

You probably already know that metal roofing has one of the longest service lifes of any roofing material. But have you really wrapped your mind around this fact? When properly installed by an experienced roofer, some metal products can last for over 50 years without requiring replacement.

Curb Appeal

With the development of new products for residential applications, you don’t have to worry about a metal roof making your home look like a barn anymore. Today’s metal roofing products come in a wide variety of designer colors, and some products can even be painted a custom color so you get the exact look you want. Some products even mimic the look of traditional shingles.

Energy Savings

Metal roofing can have a huge impact on your heating and cooling bills. In winter, metal roofing with proper insulation can help block heat transfer out of your home. And in summer, metal roofing can dramatically reduce solar heat gain in the attic. Studies have found that aluminum roofing in particular can reduce attic temperatures by 34 percent. With the addition of a light color or a dark color with a special heat barrier finish, the potential for reducing attic temperatures is even greater.

Recycled Content

If buying green products is important to you, you can’t go wrong with a metal roof. Some products are made with as much as 95 percent recycled material. And of course, any metal roofing you buy now can be totally recycled 50 years down the line if you decide to replace it.

Affordable Price

Metal roofing is surprisingly affordable, considering how long it lasts. The price per square foot is actually comparable to a high-quality asphalt shingle, but the metal roof will last twice as long as the shingle, if not more. If you choose a lightweight metal roof that can be installed right over an existing roofing material, your installation costs will also be comparable to asphalt. But because metal is much better at resisting damage from fire, wind, hail, and rain than shingles, your repair costs will be much lower than with an asphalt shingle.

Resale Value

Some people fear that a metal roof would be turn off for potential homebuyers. This may have been true with older products, but with today’s improved aesthetics metal roofs can actually be a powerful sales tool for a home. One study found that sellers get back over half of the money they invested in a metal roof in terms of improved resale value. Buyers like homes that are move-in ready and low maintenance. Nothing is more low-maintenance than a metal roof! In some cases the warranty on the metal roofing product can actually be transferred to the new owner for even more peace of mind.

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