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4 Reasons to Convert Your Commercial Roof to a Cool Roof

Cool roof systems are better for your business and the community.

Do you still have a traditional black tar and gravel roof on your commercial building? If so, you are exposing your business to tons of unnecessary costs and risks. Why not switch to a new cool roof system?

At Guardian Roofs, we have plenty of experience in removing old hot mop commercial roofs and replacing them with new cool roof solutions. We can also offer exterior coatings that can go right over your existing roof and provide many of the benefits of a cool roof.

Here are 4 compelling reasons to call Guardian Roofs now to replace your old tar and gravel roof.

Save Money on Cooling

Simply by exchanging your old black roof for a new light-colored one, you can instantly reap significant savings on your energy bills. Why? Because light-colored cool roofs do a much better job reflecting UV rays away from the building. Dark roofs, by contrast, actually absorb UV rays, causing solar heat gain that will quickly raise temperatures inside the building. Some commercial property owners report that after installing a cool roof, they noticed their AC units running less often–only about a third of the time in the summer months. And when the units did run, they were operating more efficiently. Whereas the air above a black roof is very hot, the air above a cool roof is about the same temperature as the ambient air. With cooler intake air, AC equipment can run more efficiently.

Reduce Weight on Your Roof

Another reason to switch to a cool roof is that most cool roof systems will weigh much less than a tar and gravel roof. This can ease the load on the underlying structure of the roof and on the building as a whole. It can also allow new equipment like new HVAC units or solar panels to be installed on the roof without surpassing the load.

Prevent Roof Damage

Cool roof systems are less prone to damage in two important ways. First, they simply do a better job of protecting against UV damage, which is a common cause of cracking and leaks in traditional tar and gravel roofs. Secondly, cool roofs cannot be damaged by technicians walking on them. With a tar and gravel roof, there is a very real possibility of damage occurring when a technician walks on the hot, mushy tar surface. The gravel could get pushed down and pierce the tar layers, causing leaks.

Help Your Community

One final reason to consider switching to a cool roof is that it can help fight the “heat island” effect often seen in urban areas. Urban areas with lots of buildings and pavement can be significantly hotter than rural areas because of the way these materials absorb heat from the sun. This results in increased energy usage for cooling in the city and eventually increased emissions. If all commercial roofs in the city were cool roofs, it would go a long ways towards supporting a healthier community and a healthier planet.

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