3 Ways Millennials Generate Roofing Leads

3 Ways Millennials Generate Roofing Leads

Like any other business, generating quality leads is the biggest challenge for a roofing business. You have to constantly test new things and try different strategies to see what works. However, if you don’t know where you are headed then this hit and trial can drain your resources and you risk going out of business. If you want to survive in the roofing space and want to beat your competitors then you must actively work on customer acquisition. Millennials are the most amazing generation that the world has seen. They have revolutionized the way businesses operate and the rules have been completely changed. Here are the top 3 ways which millennials use for generating roofing leads:

1. Try Google PPC

Let’s face it, we are more likely to google something we need rather than go out to physically look for it. Google is the biggest search engine there is and is responsible for most of the internet traffic. So, if you want to generate leads for your roofing business then you need to be shown high in the google search results when potential customers look for you. Google Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of advertisement campaign in which you are automatically shown on top of the search results when local customers search for keywords related to your business. Each time a customer clicks on your website through this advertisement campaign, google charges you a fixed amount. Google PPC allows you to draw in exponentially more leads and you can rapidly grow your business. Google PPC is one of the most effective lead generation methods in the 21st century and you can start generating leads within a week if your PPC campaign is correctly setup.

2. Design a lead focused website

A lead focused website is one that is designed solely to convert the incoming traffic. In comparison to a generic website, a lead focused website is funnel-oriented where you guide the incoming visitors through your offerings and compel them to make a purchase by the end of the journey. From the time visitors get to the landing page to the time they scroll to the bottom of the page, they are convinced to acquire your services. This is how efficient and powerful a lead focused website is and you definitely need one if you want to grow your roofing business.

3. Create a referral program

People are more likely to buy a product or service when someone they trust (like a friend or family member) recommends it. You can leverage this to create a referral program for your roofing business. This is how it works, when a person X refers your services to another person Y, they both get an incentive. For instance, person Y gets a discount on your services while person X gets a commission from the amount spent by person Y. This way it’s a win-win for everybody and you get to acquire more leads. Referral programs are very hot right now and you can get even more leads if you partner up with relevant influencers such as vloggers and Instagrammers within the interior design and architecture space. They have a huge pull over the customers’ buying habits and you can benefit by tapping into that.

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