Is Guardian Roofs the Right Roof Contractor for your Next Project?

Is Guardian Roofs the Right Roof Contractor for your Next Project?

Here in Southern California, there are so many roof contractors that it can be so hard to try to figure out which one to choose. Thankfully, you won’t have to muddle through on your own—simply follow these expert tips to determine which roof contractor is right for your next roof project: Ask around to local […]

Your Local Roof Contractor for Property Managers

Are you a property manager in Orange county? Then you would be directly benefited by having a local roof company that you can count on to maintain and repair the roofs of all properties that you have manager. Any good property manager knows that the quality and condition often dictates the integrity of any property, […]

Your Local Insulation Company

Did you know that if you make sure to have adequate insulation, you can lower your energy bills, protect your roof, and save energy? is your local insulation company that serves all of Orange county. Learn more about our money- and energy-saving insulation products and installation services below. Think you’re saving money? Probably not. Plenty […]

Answers to Your Burning Questions about Roof Repair

Here at , we’re always looking for ways to pass along helpful information to our clients. We know that the integrity of your roof is incredibly important to protect your home, so we want to you to have the information you need to handle all the needs the inevitably arise with your roof over the […]

Does your Attic Have Adequate Insulation?

Are your sure that your home has enough insulation in its attic? Many homeowners have no idea whether their homes contain enough insulation to protect their home from energy bills and preserve the integrity of your roof. Why insulation matters Skimping on insulation can cost you serious $$$ every month and in long-term extra expenses. […]

Your Local Commercial Roof Repair Company

Begin your partnership with today, and we’ll gladly take care of all your commercial roof needs. We offer a wide range of commercial roof services to suit your needs every day. When you call at , you’ll always have our full and complete attention – we pride ourselves on always delivering impeccable commercial roof services. […]

Your Local Residential Roof Repair Company

Making sure your roof is always in optimal condition is really important to protect the investment in your home. For most of us, purchasing a home is the biggest purchase we make in our lifetimes. By performing regular maintenance on your roof, its life will be prolonged, and your entire property will be protected for […]

Worried about Solar Panels Damaging Your Roof?

Are you considering getting solar panels installed on your roof? Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular throughout the US because of their significant energy savings and because they save homeowners on their utility bills. It’s the eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice. But there is one question that holds many homeowners back from investing in solar panels: […]

What is a Built Up Roof and Why might I want one?

Low slope roofs are common on commercial properties. Built up roofs are frequently seen on commercial properties throughout the US. Many people don’t know what a built up roof is, though, so here’s some helpful information: A built up roof is composed of several layers of bitumen surfaces and finished up with an aggregate layer […]

What is Roof Certification and Why Should I get my Roof Certified?

Roof certification is a tool that both benefits buyer and lenders because it allows them to get a full, complete picture of the roof’s condition. Closing a real estate deal can be incredibly nerve-wrecking because there are so many unknown variables, but when the roof has been certified by , you’ll be able to make […]

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